Gastric Baloon

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Gastric Balloon Surgery in Turkey

Gastric balloon surgery is a procedure that allows patients to lose weight quickly and effectively and has a low risk of complications. A gastric balloon is a synthetic implant in the shape of a balloon. Gastric Balloon is lowered into the stomach via endoscopic means and can be filled with liquied or air. The goal is to reduce stomach volume. It stays in the body for an average of six months to a year before being removed through an endoscopic method.

Why Should I Get A Gastric Balloon?

● If you have 15-20 kilos of excess weight despite following a strict exercise and diet plan.
● If you have a BMI of 30 or higher,
● If you are in a risky group of patients for surgical operation, a gastric balloon can be implanted.

For whom Is This Surgery Not Suitable?

Patients with stomach, duodenal ulcer, stomach hernia, reflux, esophageal burn, those who have previously had esophageal or stomach surgery, those with heart, kidney, liver, and lung diseases, alcohol and substance addicts, those who must constantly use blood thinners, and those planning pregnancy are not eligible for the surgery.

How Is The Gastric Balloon Inserted Into The Body?

The gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach via an endoscopic procedure. The operation takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

What Should Be Done After A Gastric Balloon Surgery?

The patient must follow the recommended diet and exercise routine during the post-operative period.

What Is The Recovery Process?

The first few days of diet after a gastric balloon operation are subject to special conditions. The patient should avoid overworking his stomach during the first week, when complications are likely. Because gastric spasms and nausea may occur during the first 72 hours as the balloon settles in the stomach, liquid nutrition is a better option for the first three days. Over time, the diet may gradually return to normal.