Dhi Hair Transplant

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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI method is one of the newest methods among the developing hair transplantation techniques. This method is taking itself to higher segments with the advancement of medical technology.

Why should I have hair transplant with DHI technique?

● Patients who have hair loss problem with congenital or genetic regional,
● Patients who think their hair is insufficient and want to have denser hair.
between the ages of 20 and 75.

How Is DHI Hair Transplant Has Done?

● Doctor who specialises in hair aesthetics examines your hair structure and determines whether it is suitable for transplant procedures.
● Following that, your doctor will determine and measure the number of grafts that will be processed during the operation.
● If the procedure does not require a large number of grafts, such as 5000 or more, and the operation is suitable for it, the procedure can also be performed without shaving.
● If the procedure necessitates the use of a large number of grafts, your hair will be shaved.
● Important details, such as hair transplantation areas and the front hairline, will be determined after shaving.
● Both the hair transplant and donor hair areas will be anaesthetized with local anaesthesia.
● The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, and once that is done with the Choi implanter pen, the transplantation has done one by one to the determined area.
● The operation takes about 6-8 hours. Long-running operations may be divided into sessions.

What Should You Consider For After DHI Hair Transplant?

● The medications prescribed following the operation should be taken on a regular basis.
● No salty foods are not recommended after the operation (To avoid the formation of edoema).
● The transplanted area should be washed with hair lotion without being touched for 10 days,
● Baths and saunas should be avoided for 6 months following surgery.
● It is necessary to avoid swimming in pools and the sea for two months following surgery.
● Hats, helmets, and berets should not be worn for one month after the operation.

What Is The Recovery Process?

Following the completion of the procedure, the patient is discharged with various information given by the doctor and products-medications to be used at home. The patient's first dressing and washing has done under clinical conditions 24 hours after the procedure, and the patient is given home washing instructions. Patients are advised to wash as desired in the morning and evening with special products for one week. All crusts in the planting area are shed after 10 days. Following the shock loss that occurs between 2 and 6 weeks, 25% of the transplanted hair grows in the fifth month, 80% in the eighth month, and all at the end of 12 to 18 months.

How Long Should Patients Stay For Hair Transplant?

● Our patients should stay at least 3 days who come to Turkey for Hair Transplantation from abroad. No flight permits will be issued before this date.
● Additionally, our patients should arrive to the hair transplant procedure to Turkey one day prior.